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Halima Benji

Optimistic, glass half full babe. gregarious & outgoing in good company. responsible with money, but occasionally self indulgent. down to earth & pragmatic. i take ownership of my life & situation & expect it in others. i like the simple pleasures but appreciate luxury. not moody, but sometimes introspective.there are two sides to everyone :-) i'm serious but i love a good laugh. i'm opinionated but mellow. i'm serious but easy going. i love being with people, but enjoy solitary time. i'm professional, yet casual. i'm careful with money, but will spend to enjoy or invest. i'm not bothered about shopping, but buy as needed. i call a spade a spade, but can be diplomatic. an enigma, yet an open book. i wear my heart on my sleeve and have been called “too honest” but can also be private.

Age : 25 , Female

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