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Hi everyone.i'm a 21 year old bengali boy,studying engineering.i'm from kolkata.i'm a bottom guy.i want such a friend whom i can trust totally.....and if matches,then i want a lifelong relation with him.guys,who have a mind to love,plz come to me....i want to love a nice person and a stable relation.guys,who r well educated,well established,handsome and taller than me,and aged between 23 and 30,r invited to be my friend.though i'm not too much good looking(dont be worried;i'm a lil bit cute),i want a lovely and joyful personality.guys from software field and intended to be settled with a guy,r invited to be my friend.i will prefer the guy,who knos the real meaning of love.have a nice time.

Age : 21 , Male

Interested in Male Only


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