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Ismail Prakash

About me, in brief (believe me, there are much more interesting things in briefs than this... ;-p) : i am gentle, soft-spoken, constant, and sensitive/emotional. but happy, strong and determined. for me, the number one quality in a person is self-realization. followed by trust and self-confidence. i easily trust people, so i have to be careful that they are trustworthy. i like a guy who knows where he is going and is actively striving to better himself. i like a guy who knows how to have a good time and is as comfortable in any environment. who's not afraid to be himself in public, and understands when restraint is in order. i like a guy who doesn't need to completely own me, but likes the idea of me being his. a guy who values trust over monogamy. a guy who thinks about and cares for others over himself. i love **** (who doesn't?), but it's a low priority. i'd rather start friendships and relationships from the mind/heart. to me, **** is only one of the million ways in which one reaches out and expresses one's desire to be as close as possible to the other and give as much pleasure as one gets. don't hesitate to message me if you think you can like me.

Age : 40 , Male

Interested in Female Only


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