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Paresh Shah

I am a libra, 6 feet, 85 kgs, 39 years, moustached, very fair, handsome, smartly dressed, confident, medium hairs on body, pubic hairs are removed regularly leaving a small patch (shaped like a anchor !) that my friends like to play with. my tool is 7 inches, full foreskin. i am an absolute top & luv to get oral attentions on my cock & sensitive nipples. i would luv to insert fingers or vibrators up your ass & give you a handjob that will make you explode the sperm out of your cock. i love to control ****ual encounters & am dominant during ****. the 4 friends with whom i go steady with mostly drink my cum, sucking out every drop & 3 of them have slowly but steadily started to take my thick cock in their assholes. i also like to ejaculate on the body, nipples, lips, on the face & inside open mouths. i request you to be vocal about your feelings about sucking, swallowing cum & getting ****ed openly to me. so that we have unlimited fun within the perimeters set by you. the kink i like is of my partner having hairless body, soft, fair body & chest as heavy & soft as breast. it would be great if you fantasies about wearing women clothes. moving on we can possibly think about getting my other bottoms or switch friends to make great sessions. have collected some lingeries, couple of vibrators & have 150+ movies to keep us hot (gay, bdsm, group, shemales etc mostly all are extreme) guys taller than 5.8 feets, muscular, having more than a moustache, hairy, very masculine etc ... please dont waste your time. lots of love & hugs !

Age : 40 , Male

Interested in Male & Female


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