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Sean Armstrong

the heart is a very precious and fragile gift that is given to another and the taker should take it with extreme care. for friendship is like a flower, the flower needs the warmth of bright sunshine and gentle rains, for it's growth. while putting all it's trust in the elements, knowing all along that the sun could become too bright and burn the pretty flower. and the very gentle rain that provides it nourishment could very easily wash it away from its foundation. as in friendship it needs the warmth of communication, honesty and trust for its growth. and when one has all three key elements in a friendship, the friendship has a very strong foundation that will withstand the harshness of all elements. i want us to take this opportunity to get to know each other better. so i say to you let's throw a few seeds into fertile soil, put a little water on it and see what beautiful flowers may blossom.

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