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Abhjeet Bhasin

Hm.. what to say? i'm capable of an intelligent conversation, i'm definitely eclectic, etc. i'm liberal minded which means i would expect an equal balance of roles in the relationship and, incidentally, a democrat (or at least someone who hates bush as much as i do :)). i was going to major in hindi (s. asian studies) but due to lack of career opportunities in this field, i've decided to major in integrated strategic communication (i.e. public relations). it's such a long name... makes me sound all high-powered and intelligent. hahaha i am currently attending university of kentucky. i just transferred here from uc santa cruz and i like it a lot so far! :) although i am hindu, i tend to not believe in just one religion. i believe god is god no matter what interpretations other religions have.

Age : 27 , Male

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