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Well after all hookie pookie i decide to open it all. 27, slim, ****y (never thought i am but i compliment myself as one), business research ****yst and i am workaholic. guys please xcuse me if i cannt reach you because of certain work commitments, for i used to work for 20 hours a day. what i look? well a friend, a partner (somebody to whom i’ll be totally and completely non-diplomatic). to whom i don’t want to hide or think before i speak or approach. i am very much, me and myself…to be frank i’ve attitude and very ziddi kindaa….(hates guys who claim to have m2m and then call you somewhere at bus stop and then say “no i don’t like you” because you’re black or whatever). if you’re one…don’t bother to drop at me. i've lots of dreams and i wanna achieve them all. so, if you’re not interested don’t worry! i’ll get time to do something more to get my dreams. in short, i need a guy who can be my best friend, decent one…(although i wanna somebody who looks like arjun rampal but koi acche dil ka sadharan aadmi chalega) well to cut it short, i am very boring insaan…but heavy **** and work appetite. so guys watta you think. reach me at 9811567584. east delhi (with place) telling about my **** life: to put it frankly, i am not a pro in gay relation. last time i had male encounter with one o f my colleague is 2 years back. i sucked him violently during a night stay, he was in his jocks and dead asleep. while i was half way, he woke up, touched my bums and shove my head deep to get the full throttle. we’d it twice after that and the next time, (it was somewhere in october or november and was raining), he opened his shirt and then while i was changing my drenched clothes, he poked his finger in my ass. i popped up. i don’t know what happened to him that night but he almost raped me twice in the night and made me sleep all though with his cum-laden cock in my mouth. whenever, i tried to get it out to breath, he slapped and then molest me. i liked that…. but it was two years back and then he left the job. i don’t know where he is. i didn’t have **** for last 2 years largely because most of the delhi boys prefer fairer **** and skin (i am dark). also, many of them are not serious and either duped you or make a fun for being gay. i am not exhibitionist so i don’t been much experienced in terms of real ****. talking about safe ****, its better to practice. but only if you had partner.

Age : 28 , Male

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