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Dipak jain

What is friendship????????? simply amazing friends are the assets of your life. they are your earning which you earn in your lifetime. they support you when you are right they correct you when you are wrong they are with you when you need them they cheer you when you are in blues. long back i got a friendship card from a friend which was whenever you feel like crying call me up i may not cheer you up, but i can cry with you. whenever you feel like running away call me up i don’t say i will stop you, but i can run with you. whenever you don’t want to talk, just tell me and i promised to be quite and if you ever call me for help and there is no reply come running away i may need you. that’s my friend is friendship heart is like a crystal preserve it, love is like a perfume spread it, feelings are like flood flow it, friendship is like umbrella come lets share it

Age : 32 , Transgender


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