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Kunal bhat

" i should write a poem but there's almost nothing that hasn't been said and said and said beautifully, ugly, blandly excitingly stay in school make love not war death to all tyrants where have all the flowers gone and don't they understand at kent state the troopers will shoot...again i could write a poem because i love walking in the rain and the solace of my naked body in a tub of warm water cleanliness may not be next to godliness but it sure feels good i wrote a poem for my father but it was so constant i burned it up he hates change and i'm baffled by sameness i composed a ditty about encore american and worldwide news but the editorial board said no one would understand it as if people have to be tricked into sensitivity though of course they do i love to drive my car hours on end along back country roads i love to stop for cider and apples and acorn squash three for a dollar i love my cb when the truckers talk and the hum of the diesel engine in my ear i love the aloneness of the road when i ascend descending curves the power within my toe delights me and i fling my spirit down the highway i love the way i feel when i pass the moon and i holler to the stars i'm coming through

Age : 22 , Male

Interested in Male Only


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