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In general i would like to say that i am very friendly person who is open for this world and for the positive and beautiful moments which later become wonderful memories. i would like to say that i am such woman, who tries to remember only nice things and i don't keep bad memories or damage in my heart. i believe that such things can kill a person inside and i don't want to be everywhere with boring face because i may remember something bad or someone who has hurt me. i think that good things happen more often with us then something bad and we just need to notice it or to find even in something bad and good, do you agree with me? i am very active person and i would say that sometimes i can't just sit for a minute because i may have some many ideas in my mind which i want to make true and don't want to lose any single second. life is amazing, especially if you know how to enjoy it. i know this and i would like to share it with you

Age : 37 , Female

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