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Looking for mature friends elder to me,i am an attractive music lover at 40 from surat... seeking bonding friendship, where commitment just evolve from within !

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Looking for mature friends elder to me, i am an attractive music lover at 40 from surat.... happily going well in life and contented, seeking bonding friendhsip. i'm looking for friends, we don´t have to share the same taste or all interests, but definately the values and how we take up the relation, is what counts the most. seeking friends who are honest, mature, independent and with a big warm heart, whom i can make happy and who's presence makes me feel happy too. i'm an ordinary man, emotional, sensitive,i`m trying to make something out of my life; such as facing life challenges, battling my own defects and making each day count. i don`t dream upon star,i am in a process of understanding & learning the equations of deep friendship. "a genuine friend, who believes in honesty in friendships, if i could achieve it, it's my aim in i am here for my...." "a measure of one mans success is not measured in wealth but in his ability to maintain his commitment of excellence to love... my valuable assets are my friends. "i am just an open book but i can change your life. i am a bit strange but i`ll make you happy. i am not easy to see but i do have pictures. i am not a figure of beauty but i have the music. sometimes i really talk a lot but talk to me. you won`t regret"..... well waiting for bonding friendship.

Age : 53 , Male

Interested in Female Only

Height :165cm, Weight :65kg,

Average, Indian, Brown Eye

Hair :Short, Brown


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