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Hi...i live in mumbai i m 23 and wanna make new friends my stats r .....5.11 height and 78 kg weight... i wont say tht i m smart and good looking ...bcoz everyone likes wht they r...so its for u guys to decide how good looking i m for me nothing is more than friendship **** and all stuff comes later but whts important is trust,honesty and companionship i am not much experienced in ****. the reason i am here is to be with people with similar thinking...so tht its easy to share and respect each others feelings in times of joy ans sorrow i have not put my pic...bcoz i m very reserved but at the same time i am friendly with those whom i m comfortable with. thts me. i prefer webcam chat...so anyone who want to know me..kindly message me here

Age : 23 , Male

Interested in Female Only


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