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I’m unconventional, sensitive, caring, non-pretentious and sweet. (gleeps. i hate self-advertisement.) i've got tenderness, irreverent humor, dead-seriousness, generosity and knowledge to share with a similarly inclined guy. life is a complicated affair...so it's always good to have good friends to share not only good times, but also those complicated times that stress and test us. what turns me on: someone who's adventurous (not necessarily in the physical sense), unique, smart ... who cares about people, music, books, art, someone who doesn't swim in the mainstream. oh, and someone who's emotionally mature and non-flaky (and non-self-destructive), who's comfortable with his ****uality and knows what it is he's looking for. humility is a big turn-on, too...i read somewhere that beautiful is ****y, but beautiful and clueless to the fact is ****ier. what i find important in a relationship: communication's obviously important - as well as the ability to trust and to give each other space and intimacy, and the wisdom to know when one or the other is needed. i think there's got to be the desire to want to give it a shot and make it work, especially when things get tough

Age : 23 , Transgender


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