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Rovan S

Friends do call me a madout,freakout and chillout guy .in simple words i believe in maintenance rather than promiscousity or profanity.and calling me as a down 2 earth guy would be a lil difficult,however i dont mind adjustments as long as the respect and dignity remains for it.m no lonesome fugitive to run like a rolling stone but do look 4ward for some compassion,after all we are human beings.also believe that life is a dance of missteps,however belive that all men make mistakes but only fools repeat them"....i dont like a sulken face...u guys betcha be humourous coz smile makes me live,eat and sleep and the bonding with my close pals is an asset.i dont want ur background nor ur status but u shud maintain certain ethics and discreetness and bingo!! life is all that simple.....guys with a high nosed attitude,stay away....life is more complicated to handle than your arrogance......and yes,if u want to experience honesty and good friendship,welcome to my world.and oh yes to add,prefer blunt attitude rather than blunt brains.......thank u gentlemen to read my profile.

Age : 26 , Male

Interested in Male Only


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