FRUITS For Health

Lemon is very beneficial in numerous diseases like flatulation, vomit, excessive bile humor in the body, consumption, controlling dysentery, destroying worms in the stomach, clearing out the effects of poison from the body, cough and phlegmatic disease. It is also an excellent appetizer.

The lemon is used variedly from delicious pickle to its use as medicines.

  1. The lemon juice kills those germs, which cause disease. Therefore it should be used by everybody..

  2. The lemon is very beneficial in "Malaria". It is also very beneficial in the disease related with bile humor. It is also a very good refreshner, energizer which drives away the tiredness from a long journey.

  3. Small pieces of lemon mixed with powdered black pepper and powdered dry ginger and kept in the sunlight has a great medicinal properties and cures indigestion, excessive formation of saliva in the mouth and tastelessness.

  4. If pieces of lemon sprinkled with rock salt are sucked before a meal, it cures indigestion.

  5. The uneasiness felt by being under the sun for along time vanishes if a glass of cold water mixed with lemon juice is take.

  6. Drinking a glass of water mixed with sugar and lemon juice cures the inflammation due to the formation of excessive bile in the body.

  7. Sucking the pieces of lemon sprinkled with sugar on it stops vomit due to the in taking of improper food.

  8. Drinking two spoonful of lemon juice mixed with one spoonful of ginger juice and some sugar, cures stomach aches of all kinds.

  9. Pain in the throat gets cured if lemon juice is taken.

  10. Cold and coryza gets cured if a glass of water mixed with lemon juice and, either some salt or some sugar is taken for 5-6 times a day.Chronic coryza gets cured if a glass of water mixed with lemon juice is taken for some days before going to sleep in the night.

  11. Lemon juice and powdered black pepper mixed in water cures disease connected with liver.

  12. Mixing 3 gms of lemon juice in 12 gms of honey cures severe cough and is beneficial in controlling bouts of asthma.

  13. Rock salt or mineral salt mixed in lemon juice if taken regularly for some days is beneficial in "stone" problem.

  14. Honey mixed in lemon juice if given to small children stops their vomit of milk.

  15. If half crushed seeds of lemon are rubbed on the navel and then cold water is poured over it, blocked urine of children is cleared out smoothly.

  16. Rubbing lemon juice on the gums cures the bleeding of gum.

  17. One spoonful of lemon juice and two spoonful of honey mixed in a warm glass of water if taken daily in the morning on empty stomach helps in loosing weight and the body becomes trim and nice in shape.

The lemon is considered to be the destroyer of all the three faults i.e. phlegm, wind and bile. People having weak liver should try to avoid having lemon because it causes weakness and numb feeling in their hands and feet. If the use of lemon is still continued then it may cause fever.

Emblic Myrobalan (Amla)

Emblic Myrobalan, which is popularly known as "Amla", is the destroyer of all the three excessive humors in the body. It cools down the excessive temperature of the blood. It purifies the blood by removing out the toxicants. It also purifies the "semen". It is considered as the supreame among all the fruits. It has been compared with ambrosia because of its exceptional qualities.


  1. The powder of the fruit of Emblic myrobalan (amla), myrobalan (har) and belleric myrobalan (bahera) when mixed in equal proportion is called "Triphala-churna". This powder has great medicinal properties. It destroys the excessive humor of phlegm and bile. It is also beneficial in leprocy and in checking the emanation of sperm and other vital humors thorough urine. It also cures constipation and develops the power of sight. It is beneficial for people having high blood pressure.

  2. If very finely powdered "Amla" is taken with two spoonful of honey followed by a glass of cow's milk for two months, it makes a man powerful and full of strength. It also purifies the blood and makes a man fit.

  3. If 20-25 grams of raw amla juice is taken midway during the lunch and dinner mixed with water, it strengthens the mind as well as the heart.

  4. Sugar mixed in amla juice, if taken daily in the morning, cures the inflammation in the private organ of the woman.

  5. If paste made up of fine powder of amla is pasted on the face before going to sleep and washed up in the morning with soap, then the skin becomes soft and shining.

  6. If three grams of filtered powder of amla is taken with one spoonful of honey for 40 days a woman suffering from leucorrhoea gets cured.

  7. If 3 spoonful of fresh amla juice is taken with one spoonful of honey for fourty days, diabetes gets cured.

  8. If the hairs are washed with the water in which dry amla has been soaked for two months, hair fall stops.

  9. If a glass of water mixed with filtered powder of amla and raw sugar (gur) is taken for 40 days rehumatism gets cured.

  10. Massaging the gums with amla juice mixed with camphor cures toothache.

  11. If powdered "amla" mixed with honey is taken then cough gets cured.

  12. If powdered "amla"(one spoonful) is taken either with cows milk or whey, then bleeding piles get cured.

  13. An unconscious man regains his consciousness if "amla" juice mixed with "ghee" is given to him.

  14. If sandal powder or fig leaves powder mixed with honey is taken, it checks vomit.


Cashewnut is small and develops virility. It cures inflammation excessive humor of phlegm, diseases of the stomach, fever, loss of appetite etc. It cures the excessive humor of wind in the body, is an appetizer and good for the heart. Cashewnut is best for people having a weak heart and weak memory.


  1. During winter season, eating 24 to 36 grams of cashewnut on empty stomach followed by some honey is very good for brain and increases memory.

  2. If the oil of cashewnut is applied on a wrat of the skin, it is very beneficial. When it is applied on the split skins of the toes during winter season, the toes are healed.

  3. Cashewnut oil is as good as ghee.

The use of cashewnut during summer season is not beneficial rather it is harmful.


Cucumber is relishing destroys excessive bile, is cool and gives strength.


  1. Twelve grams of grinded seeds of cucumber and twelve grams of grinded buds of white lotus mixed with cumin seeds and sugar, if is given to a woman having the problem of leucorrhoea, it is cured.

  2. If cucumber juice is taken with lemon juice mixed with powdered cumin seeds and sugar, the inflammation caused during urination is cured.

  3. Eating cucumber or drinking the juice of cucumber mixed with onion juice helps to minimize the effect of intoxication.

  4. Drinking the mixture made of powdered seeds of cucumber, powder of cumin seeds and sugar in water cures painful discharge of urine.

  5. Small pieces of cucumber sprinkled with sugar cures inflammation of all types.

  6. The use of cucumber seeds is best for the patient suffering from mental disease.


Plum fruit gives virility, drives away tiredness, has cooling effect on inflammation, cures consumption, develops flesh in the body. It cures diarrhea and blood impurities. Large sweet plum fruits cure constipation develops virility and gives nourishment.


  1. If the bark of the plum tree is sucked, then it cures the broken voice due to sore throat in two to three days.

  2. If the powder made from the leaves of plum tree mixed with raw sugar is given to a person-suffering diarrhea, it cures him.

  3. When the bark of the plum tree is grinded in goat's milk and after mixing honey into it, it is taken, it cures diarrhea and bleeding diarrhea.

  4. If six grams of powdered leaves of plum tree mixed with two grams of raw sugar is taken by a person suffering from small pox, he gets cured within two to three days.

  5. If semi liquid mixture of the bark of plum tree and leaves is given to the animals suffering from pox, it is cured.

An excessive use of it causes cough. Eating of raw plum should be avoided.


Pear is light, sweet, gives virility and destroys all the three excessive humors of the body i.e. wind, phlegm and bile. Its juice is sweet, acidic, relishing, increases sexual desire, destroys excessive humor of wind in the body. It is beneficial for women suffering from leucorrhoea. It is also more beneficial than apple for the patient of diarrhea attended with blood.


  1. If the pulp of pear is baked in the fire and after making it into small pieces, powdered cumin seeds, powdered black pepper and salt is mixed in it then it cures lack of appetite and aversions.

  2. Eating sweet pears cures the weakness of lungs and brain.

  3. Eating sour pear is beneficial in many diseases like diarrhea attended with blood, inflammation, sprue, vomit, loss of appetite etc.

Amaranthus polygamus (choulai)

"Choulai" is light, cool, relishing, an appetizer, increases the tendency of urination, neutralizes the effects of poison, eliminates blood impurities and the excessive humor of phlegm and bile in the body. It is beneficial for both healthy and patient.


  1. Eating the green vegetable of prickly amaranth, cures the emanation of sperms through urine, inflammation during urination by causing excessive urination.

  2. Drinking the water in which prickly amaranth has been washed and then mashed up in the same water, cures painful discharge of urine and "stones".

  3. In pains due to stones in kidney, giving mashed up prickly amaranth with 48grams of its juice three or four times a day to the patient, gives relief from pain to him and the stones break up and comes out through urine.

  4. If the powder made from the roots of prickly amaranth mixed with rice water is given to the pregnant woman, the hoemorrhage stops.

  5. If powdered roots of prickly amaranth mixed with rice water is given to the woman during their menstruation periods, it helps them in stabilizing their pregnancy.

  6. Prickly amaranth juice mixed with some sugar cures inflammation of the palrus and soles of feet, inflammation during urination and heat in the body.

  7. Vegetable made of prickly amaranth cures constipation, is beneficial in plethora and gives nutrition.

  8. Drinking the semi liquid fluid of prickly amaranth mixed with honey daily in the morning and evening time gives relief in the disease of plethora and stops the emanation of blood from nose and anus.