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Q. How do I know if I'm gay?

A. You should ask yourself several questions about your sexuality and sexual preferences. Are you physically attracted to men? Do you feel an emotional bond with a man? There are no mannerisms or other stereotypes that define a person as gay.

Q. What does it mean to "come out"?

A. Coming out is the process of personally accepting your homosexuality and disclosing it to family, co-workers and friends. Coming out is different for every gay or bi man and can take different lengths of time for each person.

Q. Am I normal?

A. Of course you are! Being gay does not define who you are or make you any less of a person. Try to surround yourself by people who support you and your lifestyle.

Q. i have attraction to boys because of there well body shape that i dont have .if i get my body shap and looks well i will be normal as other guys but i like sex with guys as well as boys having preferance to boys. so i want to know whether i am gay or bisexual.?

A. "Bisexual" it words uses by the person who could not accepted himself as a Gay, so now u understanded that u also a Gay, if this words give some pain in your mind, then can u say himself as a bisexual not a Gay.

Q. What does it mean to be bisexual?

A. Being bisexual means that you experience a sexual bond and attraction with both men and women. A bisexual person is comfortable having sexual encounters or relationships with members of either sex.

Q. Will my family and friends reject me or stop loving me?

A. Some family and friends have a hard time accepting that their loved one is gay or bisexual. However, there are many times where they are extremely supportive. Each person's situation is different and there is no formula.

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