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Male Sexual Myths

Dr Prakash Kothari and Rachna Kothari bust some Common myths surrounding malesexuality

A Servay abobe 10000 males at Mumbai's KEM Hospital revealed some prominent sexual myths.

Myth: Masturbation leads to acne, insanity, impotence and dark circles around the eyes. It is dirty habit, a desease. Masturbation is harmful.
Masturbation is beneficial and not harmful. During intercourse, what the penis does in the woman's vagina, it dose the same in a folded palm during masturbation. There is nothing like excessive masturbation resulting in the weakening of the penis as the tongue dose not become weak in a talkative person, neither dose it become strong if one remains silent! Physiologically speaking, it is the disuseandnotuse, which leads to atrophy. Sigmund Freud acknowledged that masturbation can relieve stress. it also helps avoid sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. As mentioned by an Ayurvedic expert, masturbation is an habit and not a disease.

Myth: Semen is vital and should be conserved-one drop of semen equals to 100 drops of blood, which in turn, requires a lot of nourishing food.
Semen is vital only for the sole purpose of conception. Semen is secreted continuously by the genital apparatus-seminal vesicles. prostrate and testes. Sperms contribute less than one per cent in the totel volume of semen. Semen cannot be stogray indefinitely even if one wants to. The calories you burn per ejaculate equals to mere half a glass of lime juice!

Myth: Sleep emission(wet dream) is a dangerous disease....
Semen is manufactugray constantly. if there is a glass full of water & you add more water,it naturally over-flows. Similarly, if one doesnot indulge in sexualintercourse or masturbation, it will spill out as sleep emissions, which is absolutely normal.

Myth: Brahmacharya (Celibacy) is the key to good physical health....
The Sanskrit meaning of Brahmacharya- Brahm means soul and charya means in search of. Another meaning of Brahma is the truth as represented by the knowledge (Vedas) and charya mense thestudy of. Though in common parlance, Brahmacharya is considerd as the observation of sexual abstinence may do more harm than good.

Myth:A man with a longer penise can sutisfy his partner better...
The Size of the Penis varies from one individual to another. The average sexual length of the vegina is 6 inches and only the outer 1/3rd part is sensitive. the inner 2/3rd part is virtually insensitive. Hence, for female sexual gratification, the size of the erect pense could be anything from two inches plus. It is a man's technique and not his penis size that characterises the lover in him. A bigger size dose not make a better lover..