Following information on cruising areas supplied by local resident. 
Take care if using it when you visit.
Gay places in Chennai (Madras)

The best place to cruise is the Marina Beach esp. the Gay Corridor near to the north of the Anna Swimming Pool after 7 pm. But please beware of police men and rowdies. 

During 92-94 Panagal Park in T.Nagar was a very good place to find gays. You can see all kind of gays, bi-sexuals there. But nowadays because of the police it lost its charm.

AnnaNagar Tower, Near AnnaNagar Round Tana & Nageshwara Rao Park, in Luz Church Road, Mylapore are mixed parks where lot of lovers, couples, families and some gays visit this place.  Gays are found in the darker places inside the parks. 

Theatres like Gaiety (Near Anna Statue, Mount Road) and Motcham Theatre (Purasaiwakkam) and Kalaivanar Arangam, in Wallajah Road, Triplicane, is also a pickup spot. Earlier the Blue Diamond theatre in the Saffire complex seems to be the pick of the theatres where 99% of the visitors are gays/bi's. Unfortunately it was closed. 

Kannage Silai Beach: The place is full of college gay guys on Sundays.

I have heard that the Electric Train is a very good pick-up place esp. the Vendors compartment but never been there. Please be aware that Cruising at these places are at your own risk. 

Check LGBT supporting Groups in Chennai

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Note: data not varified from team, we just geather information from diffrent sources.