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Some of the most amazing people in history were Gay:

Painters, poets, scientists, musicians, and even mighty warrior-kings? Knowing some of these great HEROES of the past helps dispel many MYTHS about gay people, and looking past the LEGENDS that they have become reveals them to be people just like you and me.

The terms hetero- and homosexual were only made up in the last hundred years or so, but the phenomenon of people falling in love with members of their own gender is as old as humanity. The heroes of lived a long time ago, and "proof" of their sexuality is sometimes hard to come by, (heck, there's not all that much "proof" that I am gay!) but in these cases the evidence is pretty convincing. Here at we'll give you enough information for you to be able to judge for yourself. A feeling of being "different" is one of the keys to genius, and gay people should know that many of history's great geniuses felt just the way they do.

Not every story here at is a happy one. But they show us that gay people can invoke eternal expressions of love, show us the amazing grace of God, be Lionhearted, create the most magnificent expressions of Christianity in painting, sculpture, architecture, and music, create ravishing beauty from overwhelming anguish, and can even die young, yet conquer the world. Everyone should be aware that gay and lesbian people are an important part of the magnificence of the human experience