Tips to boost brainpower

Post Date:- 02.25.12

Washington, Feb 28 (ANI)- Small changes can help you stay sharp later in life and could keep your brain in tip-top shape.

On "The Early Show Saturday Edition," Dr. Cynthia Green, Ph.D., has spelled out some tips for the same, reports CBS News.

Green and the editors of Prevention magazine wrote, "Brainpower Game Plan: Sharpen Your Memory, Improve Your Concentration, and Age-Proof Your Mind in Just 4 Weeks."

Exercise: Go for a walk or run, swim - anything to get yourself moving.

Seek new challenges: Look for some simple ways to push you out of your intellectual routine every day, like - brushing teeth with non-dominant hand, taking a new route to work.

Get your head in the game: Spend 10 to 20 minutes every day giving your everyday intellectual skills a good workout by playing games that require you to play against the clock. Play board games like Boggle or Set.

Socialize: Connect with others in a meaningful way each and every day.

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