Eat oranges to stay fit in winter

Post Date:- 06.09.13

Have your share of oranges this winter and stay healthy. Winter is here and this is the time to savour oranges. You can have it just like that or as dessert. Ever enjoyed that chocolate orange cake which just melts in mouth leaving a lingering taste? If you want to avoid all the extra calorie, it's better to have oranges just like that. So, now you can carry an orange in your bag. Rich in Betacarotene, oranges can protect our cells. Orange peels are very good for skin too.

The health benefits of oranges are as follows: Fibre funda: The fibres in oranges are good for the digestive system and relieving constipation. Fibres also reduce cholesterol which is helpful in keeping you in good health. Fibres are also good in keeping the blood sugar levels in control. Rich in calcium: Oranges are also rich in calcium, associated with a healthy bone structure and teeth.

Strong immunity: Vitamin C stimulates the production of white cells in our body, thus improving the immune system. So, eating oranges regularly will keep you away from viral infections. Kidney health: Regular consumption of oranges significantly reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.

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