Delhi Food & Nightlife Guide Awards 2012

Post Date:- 03.06.12

The star-studded Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2012 awarded the best in various categories of cuisines and nightlife venues in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad.

Once upon a time, Gurgaon was a Delhi suburb, but the Millennium City has come into its own, and people who live and work in Gurgaon don't need to travel to Delhi every day. Gurgaon now, like Delhi, offers great food and nightlife options in most categories, and so it was only fair that we select the best from both cities and present them separately. You'll find that many of the important awards have winners from Delhi as well as Gurgaon, and some even from Noida and Faridabad.

The winners are divided into 'star category hotel restaurants' and 'standalone', and also, we always have our eyes, ears, especially noses, open to sniff out new aromas, and like to honour the newcomers who show most promise - hence the 'noteworthy newcomer' awards.

For instance, Megu, the new Japanese outlet at The Leela Palace, one of the exciting new outlets in the city, will be watched keenly in the future, as it is a serious contender and has shown a great deal of promise.

The standalone restaurants do not have the backing of a star hotel, who have the money to hire the best - chefs, ambience and service. Thus, they are awarded separately by us to encourage such restaurants to grow. The star hotel restaurants get to take home their awards, while standalones win theirs. Every one's represented at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards.

The best in the food and beverage industry may have taken their awards for this year home, but this shouldn't stop you from voting on Log on to the site, surf for your fave food joints and head to the most happening nightclubs around the city. And don't forget to keep writing reviews on Your ratings will help decide next year's winner!

Your guide to the best food in Dilli

Times Food awards

Best North Indian in Delhi
Bukhara (Star hotel)
Dum Pukht (Star hotel)
Punjabi by Nature (Standalone)

Best North Indian in Gurgaon
Diya (Star hotel)
Punjab Grill (Standalone)

Best North Indian in Noida
Made in India (Star hotel)

Best Modern Indian in Delhi
Indian Accent (Star hotel)

Best Chinese in Delhi
The China Kitchen (Star hotel)
Royal China (Standalone)

Best Chinese in Gurgaon
threesixtyone° (Star hotel)
China Club (Standalone)

Best Chinese in Noida
R.E.D. (Star hotel)

Best Thai in Delhi
19 Oriental Avenue (Star hotel)
Ego Thai (Standalone)

Best Thai in Gurgaon
Eest (Star hotel)

Best Oriental in Delhi
Pan Asian (Star hotel)
Mamagoto (Standalone)

Best South Indian in Delhi
Dakshin (Star hotel)
Spice Water Trail (Standalone)

Best South Indian in Gurgaon
Sagar Ratna (Standalone)

Best South Indian in Noida
Kaustubh (Standalone)

Best Coastal in Delhi
Swagath Bar and Restaurant (Standalone)

Best Coastal in Gurgaon
Amaranta (Star hotel)

Best Bengali in Delhi
Oh! Calcutta (Standalone)

Best Kashmiri in Delhi
Chor Bizzare (Standalone)

Best Gujarati in Delhi
Suruchi (Standalone)

Best Ice Cream in Delhi
The Big Chill (Standalone)

Best Italian in Delhi
La Piazza (Star hotel)
Diva (Standalone)

Best Italian in Gurgaon
threesixtyone° (Star hotel)
56 (Standalone)

Best Japanese in Delhi
Wasabi by Morimato (Star hotel)
Set'z (Stand alone)

Best Japanese in Gurgaon
Spectra (Star hotel)

Best Vietnamese in Delhi
Blue Ginger (Star hotel)

Best European in Delhi
Le Cirque (Star hotel)
Smoke House Room (Standalone)

Best All-day Dining in Delhi
Cafe (Star hotel)
Diva Cafe (Standalone)

Best All-day Dining in Gurgaon
threesixtyone° (Star hotel)

Best All-day Dining in Faridabad
Oasis (Star hotel)

Best Multi-cuisine in Delhi
The Qube (Star hotel)
Set'z (Standalone)

Best Multi-cuisine in Gurgaon
threesixtyone° (Star hotel)

Best Brazilian in Gurgaon
Wild Fire (Star hotel)

Best Confectionery in Delhi
Sidewalk (Star hotel)
L'Opera (Standalone)

Best Confectionery in Gurgaon
The Oberoi Patisserie and
Delicatessan (Star hotel)

Best Confectionery in Noida
The Chocolate Box (Star hotel)

Best Coffee Bar in Delhi
Mocha (Standalone)

Best Tea Bar in Delhi
The Atrium (Star hotel)

Best Mithai Shop in Delhi
Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners (Standalone)

Best Mithai Shop in Gurgaon
Bikanervala (Standalone)

Noteworthy Newcomers for food

North Indian Spice Art (Star hotel)

Times Nightlife awards

Best Bars in Delhi
The Blue Bar (Star hotel)
TC Bar & Restaurant (Standalone)

Best Bars in Gurgaon
Rubicon Bar (Star hotel)
Striker Pub & Brewery (Standalone)

Best Bars in Noida
Kink (Standalone)

Best Bars in Faridabad
Azure (Star hotel)

Best Resto-bars in Delhi
Olive Bar & Kitchen (Standalone)
Shiro (Standalone)

Best Resto-bars in Gurgaon
Ummami (Standalone)

Best Resto-bars in Noida
TGI Friday's (Standalone)

Best Nightclubs in Delhi
Kitty Su (Star hotel)
Shroom (Standalone)

Best Nightclubs in Noida
Quantum - The Leap (Standalone)

Best Lounge Bars in Delhi
Sky Bar at Kylin Premier

Best Lounge Bars in Gurgaon
Piano Bar (Star hotel)

Best Lounge Bars in Noida
My Way or The Highway

Best Bars with Dancing in Delhi
Urban Pind (Standalone)
Shiro (Standalone)

Best Bars with Dancing in Delhi Gurgaon
Barrique (Standalone)

Best Bars with Dancing in Delhi Noida
Reverb (Standalone)

Bars with Best Ambience in Delhi
Aqua (Star hotel)
Shiro (Standalone)

Bars with Best Ambience in Gurgaon
Mix Bar and Lounge (Star hotel)
Striker Pub & Brewery (Standalone)

Bars with Best Ambience in Noida
Enotica Wine Bar (Star hotel)

Best for Live Music in Delhi
Blue Frog (Standalone)

Best for Live Music in Gurgaon
Striker Pub & Brewery (Standalone)

Best for Cocktails in Delhi
Smoke House Room (Standalone)

Best for Cocktails in Gurgaon
Piano Bar (Star hotel)

Best for Cocktails in Noida
Kink (Standalone)

Best Micro-Brewery
Striker Pub & Brewery (Standalone)

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