Why people struggle to make easy money online? A SECRET !

Post Date:- 06.09.13

Every person who is a millionaire or a billionaire at present had struggled when

they were a beginner and just starting up online. If you are struggling to make

money online easily, you should stop worrying about it, the whole science of making money is simple. Really, believe in yourself and you will be able to do it.

Never ignore simple strategies and ideas, simple becomes difficult when you donít take action on those simple ideas. Or, sometimes people figure that simple looks way too easy, and so they develop more complicated systems, which of course, lead to failure! Sorry dude or dudette, you are not that sophisticated, to follow a complex system, and make money with it. It is just plain dumb, anyway.

What is at the core of seeking out complex, or complicated, when it comes to making money online?

Greed. People becomes greedy, sorry to be rude, but you want to make money online now, and you lack patience, and you are desperate.If you know anything about prospering, you need to set up a fair exchange. Like, you make money by sharing something valuable. Share helpful things, reports or articles or videos, or webinars, all for free.

Now, after you share this value, over the course of weeks, and months, you will begin to RECEIVE value, in the form of money. Its a system and it is a universal truth that if you give something you get something in return. When you give something that is useful to someone, you in return get good rewards. In the online world when you share these kind on valuable helpful things, you in return get money. Believe me this is the bold truth.

But when people refuse to GIVE value, they do not GET value. Remember, greed drives many people in the online realm.Greedy people try to get before they give, using silly systems, or posting ads all day long, ads that do not provide any form of value to their readers. Now, you might wonder, how can you give value?

When you work, intelligently, and persistently, and you give value, you will get what you want. People will join your home business. Promise.

But busting your tail makes it all happen. Smart, intelligent work, not mindless acts, brings you money.

There are mainly 8 Reasons people Struggle to Make Money Online Easily
The common statistic that gets thrown around a lot is that - Unfortunately about 95% of the people wonít get to realise their dreams and be able to make a significant online income. Donít believe what all the Guruís tell you itís not easy to make money online. I have found from my online career that all people have one thing in common they want to make money online. Often this is to supplement a poorly paying full time job (thatís where I also used to be), to bring in some extra money to help out with bills or just so that can get away from a mundane 9-5 job.

I am giving you the 8 main reasons or the 8 basic mistakes that 95% people make and fail when they set out on an online career, so that you can avoid their pitfalls. The sad thing is that most of these can be easily avoided with a bit of planning and preparation. Letís look at the mistakes.

1. Failing to Plan the Business/System.

2. Trusting or believing the hype

3. Not managing/controlling the spendings

4. Absence of Target (Lack of Aim)

5. Think that they know all what is required to know.

6. Giving up TOO Soon

7. Picking the Wrong Niche

8. Overloaded Information

If you think that you are developing a few of these errors then devote some break to look at what you are doing incorrect and what you can do to change factors. Invest some time on examining your programs or your current company now, it can result in a much larger income later on.

In summary, to build prosperity and generate income you need to have your financial predicament under management as a first step. Then, you need to have either a business or invest in high return opportunities or both.

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