Key Elements of Good Web Design Structure

Post Date:- 07.19.17

A good web site design and structure is essential for the business image and development of the reputation in the market. A good website should be able to present the information in brief and proper way. It will even attract more and more customers and clients and help in generating higher business revenues.
It should be designed by the professionals in this field and even possess the business information and data. It should be linked with the business model, objectives and the goals. It should have company history, careers, products and services and contact details as mandatory information that is required in the business. A2Z will have a great website with the following elements and features:
Design and Appearance – The features, images and the content should be appearing on the website.

Features and Features – The tabs on various functions should be defined and clearly shown on the website. Content & Context – The content and context of the programs and functions have to be clearly defined as per the business models and programs.

Search Engine Optimization This is basically taking much of the subjects and covering the topics that are searched by many of the clients and the customers.

A2Z has to design its website as per the requirement and competitively benchmarked with that of the competitors. It will help in gaining an edge against the various fashion retailers and customers in the market.
B Evaluate the impact of a well-designed website on an e-business
A well designed website will help and influence the e-business in the following ways:
• It will attract many customers and clients for the business needs.
• It will help in gaining more business, revenues and profitability.
• It will gain domestic as well as international business from the various customers.
• It will provide an edge against the existing competition in the market.

C Report on the issues concerning website usability

Websites should be designed in such a way that they are able to influence and create a lot of impact on the customers as well as the clients. The web graphics, features, content and the information should be accessible and available for various kinds of users and they should easily be able to understand them. The size, colour and font that should use should be visible to customers as well as various clients. The issues that are associated with the Websites are as follow:
•If the website would be fully equipped but have many advertisements then surely the users will find difficulty in searching for the correct and relevant information.
•The pages should continue and get linked and aligned together so that the meaning of the content is not lost.
•It should be supported by videos and the multimedia information that should be used on periodic intervals.
•There should be availability of regular funds for the maintenance of the websites and its related applications.
•Appropriate size and colour of the font to be used on the website else it will spoil the meaning of the content.
•The search and browser content is fully defined and easily locatable by the users, clients and the customers.
The website should be easily locatable with easily understood URL and the features so that customers feel satisfied visiting and using them. Advanced features and technology should be used in all areas of the website design and its usage.

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