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    Post Date:- 05.06.10

    Recently Imran Khan's shirtless pictures were splashed all over the place, much to the amusement of the gay community. Apparently they were so impressed by Imran's photos that they actually called the production house of I Hate Luv Storys (for which the photo shoot was held) requesting an autographed picture of the actor.

    While he's being touted as the 'gay icon they've been waiting for', we take a look at all those actors who have already been there.

    When he dropped that flimsy towel in Saawariya, there were more oohs and aahs from the guys rather than the girls. In fact, the gay community was so enthused by Ranbir that they were ready to gatecrash the premiere of Saawariya just to get a glimpse of him. Sho Shweet! But alas even that kind of adulation didn't help the film in raking in some moolah at the box office!

    John Abraham

    If John has to be immortalised at Madame Tussaud's it will most definitely be in those unforgettable yellow trunks. John himself was proud to be a gay icon. According to him, homosexuality is out in the open all over the world and that's why he thinks to have the same gender liking him is a big plus.

    Abhishek Bachchan

    His portrayal of a straight character, who pretends to be gay, went down so well with the gay community that they immediately crowned him with the title of gay icon. Abhishek, being a sport that he is, also declared that he's happy to be 'gay no 1'. His rugged looks and masculinity still hold an appeal for them even after his marriage.

    Rahul Gandhi

    According to our country's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT) community, if anyone can help their cause it's dimpled-cheeked Rahul Gandhi. They see him as the Ranbir Kapoor of Indian politics and of course they believe he'll be their knight in shining armour.

    Imran Khan

    Imran thinks John's butt is better than his. But Imran's fans don't really agree and are ready to debate over it because they consider him the ultimate gay icon. "I can capture the male audience as well as the female audience, it's all the better for me," Imran said in an interview recently.

    Who do you think is the hottest gay icon? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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